Thursday, March 30, 2006

2006 predicted in many words..

My track record as a predictor is at best flawed, seems that my emotions get the better of me, and the predictions end up being more wishes than sound judgements, based on coherent and actual facts. Having said that I see little or no reason not to try my hand again this season.Testing is as we all know "only testing". But it should not be discounted completely, and to me it seem that a number of indications to the teams relative strengths can be gleamed.Renault--They are strong at all tests, the car is fast and it is very reliable as well. Seems as if they have not missed a beat since last season, and with the talent of Fernando Alonso they seem poised to be fighting for both the champion ships again in 2006. With Alonso leaving in 2007,a lot of attention will be directed at Fisichella, who clearly under performed in 2005. This season is his make or break season, unless he is the equal or very very close to equal of Alonso, I do not expect that he will be retained for 2007. Their new test driver Heikki Kovaleinen has been touted the last couple of seasons, and he is surely a deserving F1 driver. How good he really is, we will have to wait for 2007 to tell.Honda--Have build a strong car, the times they are lapping at are competitive and what is more important, over stints they fade slowly. We know the "value" of Rubens Barichello, and he will be the litmus test of Jenson Button. I do expect that Honda will have some strong races, and they could take their first "modern" win this season. For my own purely emotional reasons I hope that Rubens take that (those) win(s) rather than Jenson. But I could see them actually being very strong and be battling for overall championship honours a long way into the season. But there is no way that either of Rubens, Jenson or Honda becomes World Champions.


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Blogger Scott said...

If I where a betting man, and I’m not I’d say Honda has a good chance at winning it this year. I like routing for the underdog so that might just be that part of me talking. I’m more of a Yamaha fan though in any type of racing. I like their Arctic Cat Prowlers and Polaris Rangers as well as their list of performance parts. (I build my own racers) Like I said when I’m not watching or talking about the races I try to be in them as much as possible. Me and my custom Yamaha rhino have won many a race!

11:59 AM  
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